Refereed Articles

  • Vernon Gayle
    Modelling Tabular Data with an Ordered Outcome

  • Chanoch Jacobsen and Tamar Vanki
    Violating an Occupational Sex-Stereotype: Israeli Women Earning Engineering Degrees

  • Nigel Gilbert
    A Simulation of the Structure of Academic Science

  • David Byrne
    Simulation - A Way Forward?

  • Robert A. Hanneman and Steven Patrick
    On the Uses of Computer-Assisted Simulation Modeling in the Social Sciences

  • Peter Halfpenny
    Situating Simulation in Sociology

  • Moses Boudourides and Gerasimos Antypas
    A Simulation of the Structure of the World-Wide Web

    Software Review

  • James A. Davis
    Surrey European Management School: SAMP for Windows (Samp 1.2)

    Research Resources

  • Karen Brannen and Joanne Lamb
    Using Metadata for Cross-National Comparisons