Refereed Articles

  • John Rex
    National Identity in the Democratic Multi-Cultural State

  • Gerard Delanty
    Beyond the Nation-State: National Identity and Citizenship in a Multicultural Society - A Response to Rex

  • John Rex
    Contemporary Nationalism, Its Causes and Consequences for Europe - A Reply to Delanty

  • Anna Triandafyllidou, Marina Calloni and Andonis Mikrakis
    New Greek Nationalism

  • Paul Treanor
    Structures of Nationalism

  • Various Authors
    Rapid Response (Stephen Lawrence)

  • Andrew Finlay
    ''Whatever You Say Say Nothing': An Ethnographic Encounter in Northern Ireland and its Sequel '

  • Dod Forrest
    Theorising Empowerment Thought: Illuminating the Relationship between Ideology and Politics in the Contemporary Era

  • Manussos Marangudakis and William Kelly
    Strategic Minorities and the Global Network of Power: Western Thrace and Northern Ireland in Comparative Perspective

  • Gerard Hanlon
    Sacking the New Jerusalem? - The New Right, Social Democracy and Professional Identities

  • Wolfgang Weber
    Germanness in One Country: Austria, Joerg Haider and Nationalist Legacy

  • Richard Kiely, David McCrone, Frank Bechhofer and Robert Stewart
    Debatable Land: National and Local Identity in a Border Town

  • Pat O'Connor
    Changing Places: Privilege and Resistance in Contemporary Ireland

  • Ronit Lentin
    Responding to the Racialisation of Irishness: Disavowed Multiculturalism and its Discontents

  • Various Authors
    Rapid Response/Refugees and Asylum

  • Nick Stevenson
    Cosmopolitanism, Multiculturalism and Citizenship

  • Tim Strangleman
    Nostalgia for Nationalisation - the Politics of Privatisation

    Book Reviews

  • Damian Tambini
    Martin Bulmer and Anthony M. Rees (editors): Citizenship Today: The Contemporary Relevance of T.H. Marshall

  • Tim Unwin
    John Markoff: Waves of Democracy: Social Movements and Political Change
    Philip McMichael: Development and Social Change: a Global Perspective

    Research Resources

  • Paul Treanor
    Nationalism Links