* Health and Social Welfare

Refereed Articles

  • Bie Nio Ong & Kelvin Jordan
    Health Experiences of Elderly People in an Outer London Area

  • Carey Jewitt
    Images of Men: Male Sexuality in Sexual Health Leaflets and Posters for Young People

  • Alison Bowes and Teresa Meehan Domokos
    Negotiating Breast-Feeding: Pakistani Women, White Women and their Experiences in Hospital and at Home

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    The Sociology of Health and Illness at the Turn of the Century: Back to the Future? Review Article

  • Marion Gibbon
    The Health Analysis and Action Cycle an Empowering Approach to Women's Health

  • Gill Hubbard
    The Usefulness of Indepth Life History Interviews for Exploring the Role of Social Structure and Human Agency in Youth Transitions

  • Katherine Reed
    Dealing with difference: Researching health beliefs and behaviours of British Asian mothers

  • Emma Wincup
    Surviving through Substance Use: The Role of Substances in the Lives of Women who Appear before the Courts

  • Helen Busby
    Writing about Health and Sickness: An Analysis of Contemporary Autobiographical Writing from the British Mass- Observation Archive

  • Gil-Soo Han
    The Myth of Medical Pluralism: A Critical Realist Perspective

  • Heather D'Cruz
    Constructing the Identities of 'Responsible Mothers, Invisible Men' in Child Protection Practice

  • Timothy McGettigan
    Field Research for Boneheads: From Na´vetÚ to Insight on the Green Tortoise

  • Ashwin Kumar
    The Use Of Complementary Therapies In Western Sydney

  • Stephen Hicks and Katherine Watson
    Desire Lines: 'Queering' Health and Social Welfare

  • Chris Allen
    On the Logic of 'New' Welfare Practice: An Ethnographic Case Study of the 'New Welfare Intermediaries'