Using Computers in Sociological Research

  • Martin Bulmer and Liz Stanley

    Refereed Articles

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    Qualitative Data Analysis: Technologies and Representations

  • Jane McKie
    Is Democracy at the Heart of IT? Commercial Perceptions of Technology

  • Matthew David and David Zeitlyn
    What are they Doing? Dilemmas in Analyzing Bibliographic Searching: Cultural and Technical Networks in Academic Life

  • Edith de Leeuw & William L. Nicholls II
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  • Raymond M. Lee and Nigel Fielding
    Qualitative Data Analysis: Representations of a Technology: A Comment on Coffey, Holbrook and Atkinson

  • Miriam Catterall & Pauline Maclaran
    Focus Group Data and Qualitative Analysis Programs: Coding the Moving Picture as Well as the Snapshots

  • Udo Kelle
    Theory Building in Qualitative Research and Computer Programs for the Management of Textual Data

  • Bella Dicks and Bruce Mason
    Hypermedia and Ethnography: Reflections on the Construction of a Research Approach

  • Christine A. Barry
    Choosing Qualitative Data Analysis Software: Atlas/ti and Nudist Compared

  • katie j. ward
    The Cyber-Ethnographic (Re)Construction of Two Feminist Online Communities

  • Paul Stubbs
    Virtual Diaspora?: Imagining Croatia On-line

  • Katie MacMillan and Shelley McLachlan
    Theory-Building with Nud.Ist: Using Computer Assisted Qualitative Analysis in a Media Case Study

  • Peter Chen and S. M. Hinton
    Realtime Interviewing Using the World Wide Web

  • Nicholas Pleace, Roger Burrows, Brian Loader, Steven Muncer and Sarah Nettleton
    On-Line with the Friends of Bill W: Social Support and the Net

  • Henrietta O'Connor and Clare Madge
    Cyber-Mothers: Online Synchronous Interviewing using Conferencing Software

  • Nicola Illingworth
    The Internet Matters: Exploring the Use of the Internet as a Research Tool

  • Christine Hine
    Cyberscience and Social Boundaries: the Implications of Laboratory Talk on the Internet

    Book and Software Reviews

  • Ann Lewins
    Robert G. Burgess (editor): Studies in Qualitative Methodology

  • Joost van Loon
    Rob Shields (editor): Cultures of the Internet
    Mike Featherstone & Roger Burrows (editors): Cyberspace Cyberbodies Cyberpunk

  • James A. Davis
    Surrey European Management School: SAMP for Windows

    Research Resources

  • Debra Hiom and Lesly Huxley
    Using SOSIG to support Social Science Teaching and Research

  • Tom W. Smith
    The General Social Survey Data and Information Retrieval System

  • Millsom Henry
    SocInfo - CTI Centre for Sociology, Politics and Social Policy

  • Ann Lewins

  • Karen Brannen and Joanne Lamb
    Using Metadata for Cross-National Comparisons