* Sociological Explorations of Bodies and Identities

Refereed Articles

  • Timothy McGettigan
    Reflections in an Unblinking Eye: Negotiating Identity in the Production of a Documentary

  • Chris Gilleard and Paul Higgs
    Ageing and the Limiting Conditions of the Body

  • Roberta Sassatelli
    Fitness Gyms and the Local Organization of Experience

  • Reinhold Gaertner
    Neue Rechte: Ethnocentrism, Culture and Cultural Identity

  • Nicola Richards and Katie Milestone
    What Difference does it Make? Women's Pop Cultural Production and Consumption in Manchester

  • Lee Monaghan, Michael Bloor, Russell P Dobash and Rebecca E Dobash
    Drug-Taking, 'Risk Boundaries' and Social Identity: Bodybuilders' Talk about Ephedrine and Nubain

  • Richard Kiely, David McCrone, Frank Bechhofer and Robert Stewart
    Debatable Land: National and Local Identity in a Border Town

  • Robert MacDonald, Paul Mason, Tracy Shildrick, Colin Webster, Les Johnston and Louise Ridley
    Snakes & Ladders: In Defence of Studies of Youth Transition

  • Sharon Boden
    'Superbrides': Wedding Consumer Culture and the Construction of Bridal Identity

  • Eric Laurier and Angus Whyte
    'I Saw You': Searching for Lost Love via Practices of Reading, Writing and Responding

  • Dale Southerton, Elizabeth Shove, Alan Warde and Rosemary Deem
    The Social Worlds of Caravaning: Objects, Scripts and Practices

  • Timothy McGettigan
    Field Research for Boneheads: From Na´vetÚ to Insight on the Green Tortoise

  • Heather D'Cruz
    Constructing the Identities of 'Responsible Mothers, Invisible Men' in Child Protection Practice

  • Jenny Hockey, Victoria Robinson and Angela Meah
    'For Better or Worse?': Heterosexuality Reinvented

  • Stephen Conway
    Ageing and Imagined Community: Some Cultural Constructions and Reconstructions