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The Visual Sociogram in Qualitative and Mixed-Methods Research

Paola Tubaro, Louise Ryan and Alessio D'Angelo
Sociological Research Online 21 (2) 1

Abstract: The paper investigates the place of visual tools in mixed-methods research on social networks, arguing that they can not only improve the communicability of results, but also support research at the data gathering and analysis stages. Three examples from the authors’ own research experience illustrate how sociograms can be integrated in multiple ways with other analytical tools, both quantitative and qualitative, positioning visualization at the intersection of varied methods and channelling substantive ideas as well as network insight in a coherent way. Visualization also facilitates the participation of a broad range of stakeholders, including among others, study participants and non-specialist researchers. It can support the capacity of qualitative and mixed-methods research to reach out to areas of the social that are difficult to circumscribe, such as hidden populations and informal organisations. On this basis, visualization appears as a unique opportunity for mixing methods in the study of social networks, emphasizing both structure and process at the same time.

Visualization in Mixed-Methods Research on Social Networks

Alessio D'Angelo, Louise Ryan and Paola Tubaro
Sociological Research Online 21 (2) 15

Abstract: [No abstract]