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Books Received - Volume 6, Issue 1

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Abbott, Andrew
Chaos of Discipline
University of Chicago Press: Chicago, (2001), 0226001016 (pb), xvi + 259 pp.

Atkinson, Paul; Amanda Coffey; Sara Delamont; John Lofland and Lyn Lofland (Editors)
Handbook of Ethnography
Sage Publications: London, (2001), 076195824X (hb), 59.00 (hb), xviii + 507 pp.

Balnaves, Mark and Peter Caputi
Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods: An Investigative Approach
Sage Publications: London, (2001), 0761968040 (pb), xii + 257 pp.

Best, Joel (Editor)
How Claims Spread: Cross-National Diffusion of Social Problems
Aldine de Gruyter: New York, (2001), 0202306542 (pb), viii + 306 pp.

Cook, Karen S. (Editor)
Trust in Society
Russell Sage Foundation: New York, (2001), 087154248X (hb), $45.00 (hb),

Foner, Nancy; Ruben G. Rumbaut and Steven J. Gold (Editors)
Immigration Research for a New Century: Multidisciplinary Perspectives
Russell Sage Foundation: New York, (2001), 0871542609 (hb), $49.95 (hb), xiv + 491 pp.

Freedman, Jane
Open University Press: Buckingham, (2001), 0335204155 (pb), 0335204163 (hb), 12.95 (pb), 45.00 (hb), 106 pp.

Geppart, Mike
Beyond the Learning Organisation: Paths of Organisational Learning in the East German Context
Gower Publishing Limited: Aldershot, (2001), 0754614506 (hb), xi + 197 pp.

Hachen, David S Jr
Sociology in Action: Cases for Critical and Sociological Thinking
Pine Forge Press: Thousand Oaks, CA, (2001), 0761986634 (pb), xxiv + 335 pp.

Hodgson, Damian E
Discourse, Discipline and the Subject: A Foucauldian analysis of the UK financial services industry
Ashgate: Aldershot, (2001), 0754614956 (hb), 45.00 (hb), 296 pp.

Leydesdorff, Loet
A Sociological Theory of Communication: The Self-Organization of the Knowledge-Based Society
Universal Publishers: USA, (2001), 1581126956 (pb), viii + 351 pp.

McKay, David
American Politics and Society
Blackwell Publishers: Oxford, (2000), 0631224165 (pb), 0631224157 (hb), 11.99 (pb), 55.00 (hb),

Phillips, D.C
The Expanded Social Scientist's Bestiary: A Guide to Fabled Threats to, and Defenses of, Naturalistic Social Science
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.: Lanham, MD, (2001), 0847698912 (pb), 23.95 (pb), xiv + 277 pp.

Plummer, Kenneth
Documents of Life 2: An Invitation to Critical Humanism
Sage Publications: London, (2001), 0761961321 (pb), 17.99 (pb), xii + 306 pp.

Ritzer, George
Explorations in Social Theory: From Metatheorizing to Rationalization
Sage Publications: London, (2001), 0761967737 (pb), xii + 303 pp.

Ritzer, George; Smart, Barry (Editors)
Handbook of Social Theory
Sage Publications: London, (2000), 0761958401 (hb), 69.00 (hb), xi + 552 pp.

Scholliers, Peter (Editor)
Food, Drink and Identity: Cooking, Eating and Drinking in Europe since the Middle Ages
Berg: Oxford, (2001), 1859734618 (pb), 1859734618 (hb), 14.99 (pb), 42.99 (hb), xi + 223 pp.

Scott, Sarah
The Politics and Experience of Ritual Abuse: Beyond Disbelief
Open University Press: Buckingham, (2001), 0335204198 (pb), 0335204201 (hb), 16.99 (pb), 55.00 (hb), 224 pp.

Silverman, David
Interpreting Qualitative Data: Methods for Analysing Talk, Text and Interaction
Sage Publications: London, (2001), 0761968652 (pb), xiii + 325 pp.

Stier, Haya and Marta Tienda
The Color of Opportunity: Pathways to Family, Welfare, and Work
University of Chicago Press: Chicago, (2001), 0226774201 (hb), $32.50; 20.50 (hb), xv + 289 pp.

Strydom, Piet
Discourse and Knowledge: The Making of Enlightenment Sociology
Liverpool University Press: Liverpool, (2001), 0853238057 (pb), 0853238057 (hb), 16.95 (pb), 34.95 (hb), 344 pp.

Thursfield, Denise
Post-Fordism and Skill: Theories and Perceptions
Ashgate: Aldershot, (2000), 075461509X (hb), 39.00 (hb), vii + 232 pp.

de Vaus, David
Research Design in Social Research
Sage Publications: London, (2001), 0761953477 (pb), xvii + 279 pp.

22 Books received between 28/02/01 and 31/05/01