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Online Interviewing HTML code

This page contains a number of links to text files containing the HTML code for an online interviewing system designed by Sam Hinton and Peter Chen. The pages remain the Intellectual Property of Sam Hinton, however use of the material is permitted for educational and research purposes. Please download the pages and make the necessary modifications using a standard text editor.

The following information assumes a moderate level of web and Internet experience. People interested in testing the files, but who do not have adequate HTML and scripting / programming experience may need to obtain assistance from their webmaster or computer support group.

You will need seven files:

  1. admin.html.txt
  2. adminf.html.txt
  3. logview.html.txt
  4. user.html.txt
  5. userf.html.txt
  6. test.ini.txt
  7. test.tail.txt

You will also need to:

  1. Remove the PLAINTEXT tag from each file using a text editor;
  2. Remove .txt from the end of each file name;
  3. Place admin.html, adminf.html, logview.html, user.html, userf.html, test.ini in your chosen directory;
  4. Place test.tail in the logs sub-directory;
  5. Ensure the preferences for the logs directory are set as writable;
  6. Ensure the preferences for test.ini are set as writable;
  7. and, in the files user.html, admin.html, and logview.html the text string: YOUR PATH HERE matches their current directory.

Additional Server Requirements

These files will only work when placed in on a web server that supports PHP/FI server-side scripting. The HTML files included and listed above include extra non-HTML code (referred to as PHP/FI code) which is interpreted by the web server as the files are accessed. Please refer to the PHP/FI home page at for more information.

The files will not work unless they are placed on a PHP/FI enabled server AND are accessed through the HTTP protocol.

The system has been tested under a UNIX operating system running the Apache web server with the PHP/FI interpreter enabled to parse all .html files.