Ernst Thoutenhoofd, Deaf Studies Research Unit, University of Durham

Ernst Thoutenhoofd is currently Research Associate at the Deaf Studies Research Unit, University of Durham.

Ernst studied graphic design and photography at the Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague, before taking a scholarly interest in sign language projects. He has worked on a range of sign language projects in the Netherlands, in France, in Denmark, and here in the UK, including work on four sign language dictionaries. One of these, the Dictionary of British Sign Language/English (edited by David Brien, 1992), is now the basis of a CD-ROM Dictionary of British Sign Language currently being developed by unit members.

Recent activities include research into the 'productive lexicon' of British Sign Language, and the development of an educational multi-media CD-ROM on the topic of Nature and the Environment, for deaf children at key stage 2.

Ernst is co-author (with Susan Gregory and Stephen Powers) of The Educational Attainment of Deaf Children: A Literature Review, to be published by the DfEE this year.

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