Tim May, University of Durham
Mary Buck, South Bank University

Tim May is a Lecturer in Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Durham. His published works include: Probation: Politics, Policy and Practice (1991); Situating Social Theory (1996); Introduction to the Philosophy of Social Research (with Malcolm Williams, 1996) and Social Research: Issues, Methods and Process (1993, 2nd edition 1997). He has also co-edited: Interpreting the Field: Accounts of Ethnography (1993), Working With Offenders (1996) and Knowing the Social World (1998). He is currently working on an edited collection on qualitative research, a book on reflexivity and everyday life, editing a new book series entitled 'Issues in Society' (Open University Press) and with the aid of a research grant, continuing his research interests on the themes of management, power and organisational transformation. (e-mail t.p.may@durham.ac.uk).

Mary Buck is currently undertaking doctoral research in the Department of Education, Politics and Social Science, South Bank University. She is an experienced researcher who has worked in a number of areas, principally health, and also as a lecturer in sociology and social policy. (e-mail buckme@sbu.ac.uk).

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