Sociological Research Online

Volume 3, Issue 1

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Book Reviews

Greg Philo (editor): Media and Mental Distress
Reviewed by Meryl Aldridge

Alberto Melucci: Challenging Codes: Collective Action in the Information Age
Reviewed by David Gilbert

Timo Piirainen: Towards a New Social Order in Russia: Transforming Structures and Everyday Life
Vladimir Shlapentokh, Roman Levita and Mikhail Loiberg: From Submission to Rebellion: The Provinces versus the Center in Russia
Reviewed by Nick Manning

Bridget Fowler: Pierre Bourdieu and Cultural Theory: Critical Investigations
Reviewed by Patricia M. McDonough and Barbara Tobolowsky

Andy Merrifield and Erik Swyngedouw (editors): The Urbanization of Injustice
Reviewed by Rosemary Mellor

Pat Mahony and Christine Zmroczek (editors): 'Working-Class' Women's Perspectives on Social Class
Reviewed by Marilyn Porter

Sylvia Walby: Gender Transformations
Reviewed by Teresa Rees

Werner Sollors, Henry B. Cabot and Anne M. Cabot (editors): Theories of Ethnicity: A Classical Reader
Reviewed by John Solomos

Jacki Gordon and Gillian Grant (editors): How We Feel: An Insight into the Emotional World of Teenagers
Reviewed by Johanna Wyn


Volume 3, Issue 1, published 31st March, 1998