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Simeon Yates, John Kirby and Eleanor Lockley

Simeon Yates

Prof. Simeon Yates is Director of the Institute of Cultural Capital in Liverpool. His research focuses on the social, political and cultural impacts of digital media and includes a long-standing focus on interpersonal interaction. Recently, he has led projects that address digital inclusion and exclusion, digital media and the arts and digital media use in crises – with funding from the ESRC, AHRC, EU and industry. Simeon’s work has been interdisciplinary and has involved creative and digital industry partners. He was one of the leads on a major EPSRC funded interdisciplinary program (Engineering for Life) at Sheffield Hallam University.

Institute of Cultural Capital
John Foster Building
80-98 Mount Pleasant
L3 5UZ
United Kingdom

Email: simeon.yates@liverpool.ac.uk
Web: http://iccliverpool.ac.uk/about/staff/

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John Kirby

Dr. John Kirby is a Senior Lecturer in computer science at Sheffield Hallam University and led knowledge transfer outreach around South Yorkshire’s digital region project. His recent work as explored the impacts of digital by default implementations in local government and broader digital inclusion policy. John also leads on the teaching of cloud computing and digital service infrastructures.

Department of Computing
Sheffield Hallam University
S1 1WB
United Kingdom

Email: john.kirby@shu.ac.uk

Eleanor Lockley

Dr Lockley’s post-graduate research focused on the impact of the mobile phone in the public and private. It specifically concentrated on how people manage contextualised mobile phone use during social interactions in public spaces. It also examined how people make use of their mobile phones to manage their private relationships. Themes throughout the project concerned interaction, face, and relationship management. Dr Lockley has also undertaken projects on digital inclusion based on local community interventions. This has included a project with the Sheffield Burmese and Iraqi refugee community. The project was the Adult Learner's Week Transformation Fund Award Winner 2010.

Sheffield Hallam University
S1 1WB
United Kingdom

Email: e.lockley@shu.ac.uk
Web: http://www.shu.ac.uk/research/c3ri/people/dr-eleanor-lockley