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Jitse Schuurmans and Lee F. Monaghan

Jitse Schuurmans

Jitse Jonne Schuurmans is a PhD candidate in sociology at the University of Amsterdam. The title of his project is Dating and Hooking Up: Intimate Relationships of Young Men in Times of Rapid Social Change. In this project he explores the changing practices and meanings of dating and hooking up in California and Hong Kong.

University of Amsterdam
Nieuwe Achtergracht 166 1018 WV Amsterdam Room number: A 2.05

Email: j.j.schuurmans@uva.nl
Web: http://www.uva.nl/en/about-the-uva/organisation/staff-members/content/s/c/j.j.schuurmans/j.j.schuurmans.html

Lee F. Monaghan

Lee F. Monaghan is Senior Lecturer in Sociology, University of Limerick. His latest book, co-authored with Michael Atkinson, is titled Challenging Masculinity Myths: Understanding Physical Cultures (Ashgate, 2014). He has published extensively on themes ranging from the sociology of the body, sexualities and the obesity debate to the fictions of fictitious capital.

Department of Sociology
University of Limerick

Email: lee.monaghan@ul.ie
Web: http://www3.ul.ie/sociology/index.php?pagid=23&memid=6

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