Sociological Research Online

Annex 1: Questionnaire

Current make-up of users and beneficiaries
Whom do you consider to be the users (i.e. those who utilise the findings for some purpose) of your research?
Whom do you consider to be the beneficiaries (i.e. those that are advantaged by your research activity) of your research?

Future changes in users
Would you like to broaden the range of your users? Please circle one: yes / no

IF YES, whom would you like to include?

Past changes in users Has the diversity of users or the nature of user involvement significantly changed in the last few years?
Please circle one: yes / no

Please elaborate
Why do you think these changes have occurred?
Have there been any changes in your dissemination practices due to changes in user focus?
Do you find that any of the reported qualities of social science research (e.g., autonomy, rigour, disinterestedness, critical analysis or theoretical rigour) are threatened by the identified changes in user involvement? Please circle one: yes / no
Which ones and in what way?

Do you associate any other problems with changing user involvement?

Evaluation of collaborations If you have had any non-academic user involved in collaborative research projects? Please circle one: yes / no:

What were the main benefits their involvement brought to your research?
Why were these users interested in collaborating?
Do users have a sufficient conception of what academic research has to offer?
Do you think the process of meeting users' needs is straightforward?

ESRC policy
Do you think the ESRC has a clear and consistent approach to involving all types of 'users' in their policy formation?

What is your substantive area(s) of focus?
What disciplinary approach(es) do you most utilise?
(When applicable) What department are you in?
What is your position?
Please indicate: [ ] Female [ ] Male