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Darya Malyutina

Darya Malyutina

Darya Malyutina completed her PhD in Geography at UCL in 2013. Her thesis focused on friendship and transnationalism amongst Russian-speaking migrants in London. Since then, she has worked as an Editorial Assistant at openDemocracy Russia, and is currently a freelance researcher. Her research interests include post-Soviet and Russian-speaking migration to the UK, super-diversity, political transnationalism, as well as ethnography as a way of studying urban communities and social spaces and the ethical dilemmas of the fieldwork process. Currently, she is researching protest activities of Ukrainian diaspora in response to the 2013-2014 crisis in Ukraine. She writes a blog at http://daryamalyutina.wordpress.com/.

United Kingdom

Email: darya.malyutina@gmail.com
Web: http://http://ucl.academia.edu/DaryaMalyutina

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