Sarah Irwin and Mandy Winterton

Sarah Irwin

Sarah Irwin is a Reader in Sociology. She runs the Secondary Analysis Project on Timescapes, an ESRC qualitative longitudinal study 'Changing lives and times: relationships and identities through the life course'. She is also undertaking a research project into parenting, inequalities and family life. Her main research interests and publications are in the areas of family, gender, education, youth, the life course and research methods.

School of Sociology & Social Policy
University of Leeds
United Kingdom


Mandy Winterton

Mandy Winterton is a lecturer in sociology across undergraduate and post-graduate provision within the Faculty of Health Life and Social Sciences at Edinburgh Napier University. She has specialist interests in Sociological Theory, Qualitative Longituindal (QLL) research and qualitative data re-use, and inter-generational social mobilities and her research explores processes of social inclusion/exclusion, primarily with respect to social class, gender and familial processes.

United Kingdom