Helen Lomax and Janet Fink

Helen Lomax

Helen Lomax is Senior Lecturer in Health and Social Care at the Open University. Her research interests are in the sociology of parenting. She has a particular interest in visual methods and conversation analysis and is currently holder of an ESRC award for a seminar series 'Visual Dialogues: New Agendas in inequalities research' (www.visualdialogues.co.uk) with Janet Fink and Professor Gillian Rose. Recent publications include: Lomax, H (2010) Visual identities: Choreographies of gaze, body movement and speech in mother-midwife interaction. In Reavey, P. (ed.) Visual Psychologies: Using and interpreting images in qualitative research. Routledge.

Faculty of Health and Social Care
The Open University Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

Email: h.j.lomax@open.ac.uk

Janet Fink

Janet Fink is Senior Lecturer in Social Policy in the Faculty of Social Sciences at The Open University. Her research is focused on mid-20th century Britain, exploring how family relationships and practices were constructed in policy and legislation and represented in popular culture. She is particularly interested in how these constructions and representations are used and negotiated in film and photography. Her work also has a comparative perspective and she is exploring the development of family policy through the 20th century in the UK, Sweden and Denmark. She has published in both these areas and is an editor of Red Feather: An International Journal of Children's Visual Culture.

Department of Social Policy and Criminology
Faculty of Social Sciences
The Open University
Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA
United Kingdom

Email: j.fink@open.ac.uk