Ruth Triplett and Elizabeth Monk-Turner

Ruth Triplett

Ruth A. Triplett is a Professor in the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice at Old Dominion University. She received her PhD in 1990 from the University of Maryland, College Park. Her research interests include social disorganization, labeling theory and the role of gender and class in criminological theory. Her most recent publications are found in Theoretical Criminology, Journal of Criminal Justice and Journal of Crime and Justice.

Old Dominion University
VA 23529

Elizabeth Monk-Turner

Elizabeth Monk-Turner received her PhD from Brandeis University. Her early work explored socioeconomic differences between community and four year college entrants. More recent work examines gender differences in wages in the South Korean labor market, male survivors of sexual abuse and rape, and factors shaping recruitment and retention of police officers.

Professor of Sociology
Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice
Old Dominion University
Norfolk, VA 23529