Nabil Khattab, Ron Johnston, Ibrahim Sirkeci and Tariq Modood

Nabil Khattab

Nabil Khattab (Ph.D.) is a lecturer in sociology at the University of Bristol. His research interests fall within ethnicity, social inequality, quantitative sociology and sociology of education.

Lecturer and a UKRC research fellow
University of Bristol Department of Sociology
12 Woodland Road Clifton
United Kingdom


Ron Johnston

Ron Johnston is a professor in the School of Geographical Sciences at the University of Bristol. His main research interests are in electoral studies, ethnic segregation in cities,and the history of geography.

United Kingdom

Ibrahim Sirkeci

Ibrahim Sirkeci is currently a Reader in Demography and teaches international marketing at Regent's College, European Business School London since 2005. Dr Sirkeci has founded Migration Letters journal and Transnational Marketing Journal. His research focuses on segregation, segmentation, transnational marketing, higher education marketing, conflict, migration, and family planning. His most recent book titled Cultures of Migration is in press with the University of Texas Press.

United Kingdom

Tariq Modood

Professor Tariq Modood is Professor of Sociology, University of Bristol and Director of the Centre for Ethnicity and Citizenship.

United Kingdom