Liz Stanley and Helen Dampier

Liz Stanley

Liz Stanley is Professor of Sociology and Director of the Centre for Narrative and Auto/Biographical Studies (NABS) at the University of Edinburgh. Her research interests concern historical sociology, epistemology and methodology, feminist theory and sociological theory, and narrative and auto/biographical theory and research. She has written widely on the aftermath of the concentration camps of the South African War, including her 2006 Mourning Becomes Post/Memory and the Concentration Camps of the South African War. She is currently the primary investigator on the ESRC-funded Olive Schreiner Letters Project.

Sociology and Centre for Narrative & Auto/Biographical Studies
Chrystal Macmillan Building
University of Edinburgh
United Kingdom


Helen Dampier

Helen Dampier is Senior Lecturer in Social and Cultural History at Leeds Metropolitan University. Her research interests concern memory, life writings and also historiography and its claims. Strongly interdisciplinary in nature, her research is specifically concerned, amongst other things, with the use of life writings and especially women's testimonies as historical sources, and with the political aftermaths of the 1899-1902 South African War. She is currently co-investigator on the ESRC-funded Olive Schreiner Letters Project.

School of Cultural Studies
Leeds Metropolitan University
Humanities Building
Broadcasting Place, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds
United Kingdom