Sue Innes and Linda McKie

Sue Innes

The late Sue Innes (4/5/48 24/2/05) returned to study in 1993, following a career in journalism. She graduated with a PhD in Politics from the University of Edinburgh in 1998 and until her untimely death was Research Fellow in the School of Law and Social Sciences, Glasgow Caledonian University and attached to the centre for Research on Families and Relationships ( The study reported in the article was carried out with Linda McKie and Liz Jagger. Among Sue's publications in social and political theory and social and political history are: Biographical Dictionary of Scottish Women, Edinburgh University Press 2005 (co-editor); Literature Review of Research on Gender Inequality in Scotland, Equal Opportunities Committee, the Scottish Parliament November 2002; Keeping Gender on the Agenda: Participative Democracy and Gender Equality in the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, Engender/Heinrich Boll Foundation 1999.

Linda McKie

Linda McKie is Research Professor in Sociology at Glasgow Caledonian University (, Associate Director at the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships ( and Visiting Professor at the Swedish School for Economics and Business Administration in Helsinki ( Her current work includes gender, organisations and violence, and combining caring and working (See Recent publications include Families Violence and Social Change (Open University Press, 2005) and Families in Society: Boundaries and Relationships (edited with Sarah Cunningham-Burley, Policy Press, 2005).

School of Law and Social Sciences
Glasgow Caledonian University
United Kingdom