Books received from 8/4/2005 to 30/6/2005

Corsaro, William A.
The Sociology of Childhood (Sociology for a New Century Series) 2nd Edition
Pine Forge Press (2004)
ISBN (pb) 0761987517
Received 05/6/2005

Delorenzi, Simone; Jodie Reed and Peter Robinson
Maintaining Momentum: Promoting Social Mobility and Life Chances from Early Years to Adulthood
Institute of Public Administration (2005)
ISBN (pb) 186030267X
Received 20/5/2005

Deutscher, Irwin
Accomodating Diversity: National Policies That Prevent Ethnic Conflict
Vanderbilt University Press (2003)
ISBN (pb) 0739104578
Received 21/4/2005
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Hine, Christine (Editor)
Virtual Methods: Issues in Social Research on the Internet
Berg (2005)
ISBN (pb) 1845200853
Received 03/5/2005

Kitzinger, Sheila
The Politics of Birth
Elsevier (2005)
ISBN (pb) 0750688769
Received 01/6/2005

Marvasti, Amir
Qualitative Research in Sociology (Introducing Qualitative Methods Series)
Sage Publications (2003)
ISBN (pb) 0761948619
Received 06/6/2005

Mclachlan, Hugh V.
Social Justice, Human Rights and Public Policy
Humming Earth (2005)
ISBN (pb) 1846220033
Received 09/6/2005

Punch, Keith F.
Introduction to Social Research: Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches
Sage Publications (2005)
ISBN (pb) 0761944176
Received 23/5/2005

Reynolds, Larry T. and Nancy J. Herman-Kinney (Editors)
Handbook of Symbolic Interactionism
AltaMira Press (2004)
ISBN (hb) 0759100926
Received 17/5/2005

Richards, Lyn
Handling Qualitative Data : a Practical Guide
Sage Publications (2005)
ISBN (pb) 0761942599
Received 22/5/2005

Sayer, Andrew
The Moral Significance of Class
Cambridge University Press (2005)
ISBN (pb) 0521616409 ISBN (hb) 0521850894
Received 01/6/2005

Stinchcombe, Arthur L.
The Logic of Social Research
University of Chicago Press (2005)
ISBN (pb) 0226774929
Received 05/5/2005

Wooffitt, Robin
Conversation Analysis and Discourse Analysis : a Comparative and Critical Introduction
Sage Publications (2005)
ISBN (pb) 0761974261
Received 06/6/2005