Will Gibson, Peter Callery, Malcolm Campbell, Andy Hall and Dave Richards

Will Gibson

Will Gibson is a qualitative researcher specializing in Educational Evaluation. After completed a PhD in Sociology at The University of Manchester, Will has pursued a range of research interests including Music Performance and Production, Qualitative Methodology, the Sociology of Technology, and Educational Development.

School of Nursing
Midwifery and Health Visiting

Email: w.gibson@ioe.ac.uk

Peter Callery

Prof Callery read English Literature at the University of Sheffield and completed general nurse training in Rotherham and children's nursing in Nottingham. His MSc is in Nursing at the University of Manchester. His PhD was a study of parental involvement in the care of hospitalised children. He led the Bachelor of Nursing and Education Studies at Sheffield Hallam University. He was appointed Lecturer in Children's Nursing at the University of Manchester in 1993 and Chair in Children's Nursing in 2003.

Malcolm Campbell

Andy Hall

Dave Richards