Rough transcript


 R: s- t- there. sortof like that. (.) in release o that. so about
 D: take it to this point here?
 R: yeah that would be where you would change ( )
 D: so it kinda goes like this 
so this is all flat an then you start going up there? Is that what you mean? (0.3) o:::r? (.) R: hh. itº(doesn't really) drop down does it?º D: no cs we wanted to do it quite (.) gradually didn't we R: wll we cd always do it quite sharply we could do it as a one twelve get rid of it as quickly as possible D: mhm A: no R: so you cd have like a ramp and stairs, D: [mhm] R: [y cd] have [nice stairs] A: [I think it'd be] nicer if it ws like [(you know the way they done it)] D: [(really) gentle plain] (.) A: w- mr- Tate Modern kind of thing except more gentle (.) (than that) D: oh yeah ºyeahº A: they’ve got a big entrance ramp D: yeah it js goes chu R: ah right outside yeah (0.5) D: emm
A: (how about) that’s the ramp bit (.)
D: don’t think it’s long enough that’s the
[only thing]
R: [º(it ds I- )º]what I(wanna)do is (make)this up
D: yeah
[you want]
R: [( )] you know it’s got to be big enough to function as
[a place]
D: [mhm]
R: doesn’t it?
D: like it could almost it’s like that is the (.) you know it’s ramping right the whole way down from there
[( )]
A: [couldn’t we] ramp down there (even?) just ramp that bit? (.)
R: err
A: across the front of the space of the building? an then by this stage we’re down into the basement bit? (.)
R: hhmhhm