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 J: yeah º( )º .nhh (0.6) (an) this is the sunken one
	 [isn’t it?]
 D: [yeah] (.) cause remember we’re gonna (have a) a route that comes in (.) kind of (.) see won- I wonder whether it i::s (.) ((toctoc)) you know something that cd- is more like this you know and over here it’s kind of a very we cn use these lines again you know when it’s ( ) like this that’s the sunken space
 J: I think we do it like that ((toctoc)) (with a few) lines
 D: º(lines)º (.) how about that then that’s º( )º but then
 R: so we cn s- we cn almost like start like a (fence) in a wall fr the last (three) (.) and as we drop down
 D: I’m just thinking how (you know) the people are kinda screwed ( ) when they get onto ( ) 
 R: [it kinda]
 D: [coming] up there
 R: it kinda isolates this doesn’t it?
 J: ye but maybe that treeline doesn’t stop there maybe that one continues all the way
 D: [YEAH WE WANT the trees]
 R: [( )]
 D: go down in there don’t we?
 R: s- so it’s like there. sortof like that. (.) in release o that. somehow
 D: take it to this point here
 R: yeah that would be ( ) change ( )
 D: so it kinda goes like this (0.7) so this is all flat an then you start going up there? Is that what you mean? (.) o:::r? (.)
 R: hh. it’s ºnot gonna ( ) does it?º
 D: no cs we wanted to do it quite (.) graduated ( )
 R: wll we cd always do it quite sharply we could do it as a one twelve get rid of it as quickly as possible
 D: mhm
 J: no
 R: so you cd have like a ramp and stairs, you could have nice stairs
 D: mh
 J: I think it’d be nicer if it ws like 
 	 [ ( )]
 D: [( )] gentle plain (.)
 J: w- mr- Tate Modern kind of thing except more gentle (.) (than that)
 D: oh yeah ºyeahº
 J: they’ve got a big entrance ramp
 D: yeah it is good
 R: a right outside yeah (0.5)
 D: emm
 J: (how about) that’s the ramp bit (.)
 D: don’t think it’s long enough that’s the
 	 [only thing]
 R: [º(it ds I- )º] (what I wanna do is this up)
 D: yeah
	 [you want]
 R: [( )] you know it’s got to be big enough to function as 
 	 [a place]
 D: [mhm]
 R: doesn’t it?
 D: like it could almost it’s like that is the you know it’s ramping right the whole way down from there
 	 [( )]
 J:[couldn’t we] ramp down there (even?) just ramp that bit? (.)
 R: err
 J: across the front of the space of the building? an then by this stage we’re down into the basement bit? (.)
 R: hhmhhm