Rough transcript

 R: right
 D: so
 J: so (we’re actually) that going around? (.) or are we js gonna stop it there?
 R: what the avenue?
 D: rr?
 R: I thought you wanted the trees (planted on a grid) I think
 J: yeah
 R: maybe the trees goin round give us a bit of a nice ( ) stop
 D: mhm
 R: see you
 D: yeah so you don’t have to see (anything) that kind of goes like that
 R: ( )
 D: (maybe)
 R: ( )
 D: but what happens in here this is the question
 R: yeah ( )
 D: I wo:nder I ws js thinking (.) do we start planning with this kind of curve down here? Or not (.) is that
 R: (why?)
 D: or the other way ( )
 R: (ah) d’you mean (in) keeping with that one?
 D: yeah
 R: ( )
 D: ( )
 R: ºas an elementº (0.)
 D: it doesn’t really work with that building (here)
 R: unless you ( ) hit (with that) corner point (.) you know (.) have those stairs (here arching) and completely change the ( ) of ( ) building or something (.) But I think that’s probably (.) ( level of detail)
 J: ( ) coming round these steps (going off to) that building coming round an hitting that one?
 R: y make more sense to do that with that
 D: yeah
 R: (unless) (we) we reverse (.) 
 D: [mhm]
 R: [that] curve so we getting an arc of that in so we (get an arc like that)
 D: yeah (0.) and that would then suggest
 R: that there js to that length to there
 J: mhm (0.) 
 R: º ( )º
 J: but that would be nice if that was like (.) y’know more of a
 D: ( ) scribble (0.)
 J: something like that
 R: ( ) things getting (painting) (0.) ºju:::::stº (.) to around about that? Back onto the- that’s goi- that’s one of ( ) some- at some point you have to turn ( )
 J: maybe js leave em? ( ) (doesn’t really)
 D: mh except something happens
 R: ( ) might not be ( ) but
 D: mhm ah it’s js- what happened to the the (mns) basically
 J: mhm yeah [(that’s sort of)]
 D: [like] if we’re gonna (0.) echo this 
 R: [rhm]
 D: [(s )] 
 	 [curve does that happen again]
 R: [is that two per meter?] it’s quite a big ( ) wide ( ) actually it’s quite a large area isn’t it
 J: massive (0.)
 R: okay
 D: this was on your desk (kindalike) whose is it?
 J: it was on your desk beforehand
 D: it wJ::s not! You’re 
 	 [( )]
 J: [( )]
 D: fourty meters (0.) how do we do s-
 J: somebody’s got mine though?
 R: nhhaHHH.
 D: sixty 
 J: [is that] you? 
 R: (not got) a thing
 J: probably is hh.hh.
 D: by ninety
 R: so what fourty by ninety?
 D: ºyeahº (.) sixty an then kinda (at this point down here) ( )
 J: should that not go all way down (.) or at least to there? (.) so you’re stoppin (like) you get lots of 
 R: [yeah] I jst (.) think we might (give) thirty (.) he’s in and that wld be an excellent ( ) the view across 
 J: what about if we just repeated that? you know if that’s goin all the way down there an maybe just brought it in somewhere else
 		((phone ringing))
 R: what this avenue?
 J: not that avenue but that kind of 
 R: [that length]
 J: [jst a] parallel yeah js bringing it in somewhere (else) 
		 ((phone being answered))
 J: I’ve got an ( )
 R: º( ) º? I kinda like
 J: dunno
 J: mh
 R: I mean you got=
 A =cause that’s gonna be quite a big (.) formal walk that
 D: mhm
 J: all those steps an movin an js
 D: maybe if we bring that line in (js there) and it lines up with the building (at) a different angle 
 R: that’s=
 D: this boy=
 R: that line ( ) that road there (0.)
 J: I don’t like ( ) buildings through it’s kind of all higgledy piggeldy
 D: mh (it is a bit) round th- that runs parallel to this (boy) ( )? is that
 R: yeah
 J: mh?
 D it’s the same line as the rr cycle (.) thingy
 J: ( )?
 D: more or less
 R: I don’t think it- yeah but with a bit of gentle ( )
 J: yeahyeah yeahyeah
 R: that could pivot
 D: mhm
 R: [like that]
 D: [( )]
 J: wll is that gonna be a single line of trees d’you reckon?
 D: yeah
 R: so that wld be like that yeah?
 J: HH.HHohho ((yawns))
 D: mmh
 R: shhh.shh. (0.)
 D: so we need four
 R: yeah?
 D: (to get) these boys in. how far would this road go there?
 R: so ( ) take the width of the cause there’s not a lot of bind to it so that is its width (.) and drag that in as an element you mean? (0.)
 D: n you were talking about using this as a line for (emergen use) yeah?
 R: oh there that ws a ( ) 
 J: but it’s gonna be a massive space ( )
 R: [yeah]
 D: [I like] the idea that it’s a different material
 R: chrrhehehehh
 J: ºmhº maybe just ( ) trees (as a different material)
 D: yeah why don’t the trees on the other edge (then) like rather than being on this edge they’re on this
 D: so the material would go right through sexy material
 D: come down these steps
 D: really big chunky bits 
   11:06 ish

   ((joking about what kind of feature they could do))
	D: or fibreoptics just waiving
   J: that’d be cool I like that have you seen that place? it’s looking lovely
   R: it’s Grantonhh.hh.!
   D: hhehehhhhe they’d all be like brrm brmm! and choppin them up an runnin away with them
   J: mhh.mhh 
   D: wll that’s pretty bombproof I have to say I mean (.) there ain’t much in there that they cd rip off is there?
   R: yeah (.) I mean (.) I jus (like the ) (metal plate) there
   D: mhm
   R: cause we can we can dress it up as industry 
   D: [mhm]
   R: an then we go
   J: what was there (of) the old industries? 
   R: ther:::e 
  	   [ws ( )]
   J: [( )]
   R: there was 
	   [there was]
   J: [maybe we] can pick that up?
   R: there was err there was heavy industry there’s
   [a wire]
   J: [that’s a nice] way 
   	[doing that]
   R: [there was a WIRE] (.) WORks still on site (( noise)) ‘United Wire’ errm shhh.
   D: s it cd be a copper plate
   R: there ((toctoc))
   D: (they’d all be knocking that )
   J: hh.he they would
  	   [( )]
   D: [IT’D HA]ve to be rusty metals an then thd think it wasn’t worth anythin
   R: ( )
   J: cast iron
   R: yeah cast iron a (massive piece of) cast iron (kindof made of two meter centres)
   D: mhm
   J: an do some kind of like text on it 
   D: yeah
   J: that means something
   D: yeah and drilled holes
   J: so the (historical) something or other
   D: mhm
   J: ( )
   R: º( )º
   D: it could be a poem by one of the Granton residents’ 
   [( )]
   J: [cd be] Granton Star the Edwin Walsh thing written
   D: hhh.hehehe
   R: and a man’s learning to fly
   D: eating poo
   R: chhhh.hhhyes
   D: hh.heee hh.hehe
   R: 12 foot high (.) look lovely? errm
   D: okay
   R: right
   D: right (.)
   R: like it ws to ( ) hh.hh.hehe w’re basically got one idea now haven’t we?
   J: no we still got the ( ) (.)
   D: d’you think we should?
   R: this is all ( ) top isn’t it?
   J: why don’t we go for lunch now and come back? cs I’m starvin mhh.hh. (0.)
   D: what time is it?
   J: half twelve
   D: mhh.mhh.hh.
   J: cause we have to get these ready and done for two don’t we s- we can’t really .hh
   D: I MEan I THINK I mean I don- I think (.) although we all prefer one there’s probably some fatal flaw in it that we haven’t worked out
   J: mghh.! hh.he.
   S: so ((said smiling)) we should keep 
   	[our options open]
   R: [( ) should keep] our options open’s a lot more efforthh. into that one than ( )
   D: yeah yeah exactly
   R: errm
   D: I mean
   J: what where the (other )? I know 
   	[there ws]
   D: [there’s bi]::g space and the hedge thing 
   J: but this is the big space one now (.)
   R: ºokay so we got thatº
   D: don’t you reckon a similar principle? (.) like the lines? (.) forming space? or does it become a more organic kind of (place)
   R: (fluffy) ( ) 
   J: I don’t (think) we ( ) do any organic one or ( )?
   D: like err
   R: [THERE’S]
   D: [WE’VE GOT]
   R: also the whole
   D: random blobs in there ( )
   J: aright
   R: ( ) of (cycling) (aren’t there) so that’s you’re (.) turret ( ) end of the builldn
   D: mhm (0.) 
   R: s- s- 
   D: it could be 
   R: [( )]
   D: [a circular thing] could be a circular thing ºcldn’t itº
   R: hmh ºcircularº I MEAN ( option) to put a circular 
   J: mhh.hh.hh.
   R: (mh? )
   J: mhh.mhhhmhemhe
   R: taken (on what would be a dream holiday and you woke up in ) 
   D: yeah 
   	[that was gross]
   R: [( )]
   J: I had a really weird dream last night I dreamt like there was a dead body in the boot of Geoff’s car
   D: .HHH!
   R: mchrrmhhhrrr
   D: what (a )
   R: ( ) 
   J: what (is all that then?) hh.hehehe
   D: hehe
   R: hehe (0.)
   D: so are we using the same buildings here?
   J: yeah
   D: I quite like the wonky option ( ) (.)
   J: is that the wonky option?
   D: mhm (0.) a::nd ºandº (.) these are all fixed yeah? (0.) hh. (0.) 
   J: .hh
   D: and this is fixed too? I know because
   J: how about if we hada that line of trees come all the way down ((toctoctoc))(than) (leaving) gap? then coming back up again ((toc)) so you got like err ((toc)) 
   D: [n it’s more] it’s a tighter kind of thing up 
   J: [nmhn] (0.) mh (get up) 
   	[there ( )]
   D: [we cd have a single] row?
050 Audio tape counter

   J: yeah º( )º .nhh 
      (an) this is the sunken one
      [isn’t it?]
   D: [yeah] (.) cause remember we’re gonna (have a) a route that comes in (.) kind of (.) see won- I wonder whether it i::s (.) 
      you know something that c- it's more like this you know an ((door)) OR WHEther it's kind of a very (.) we cn use these 
      lines again you know and it's (very) like this? that’s the sunken space
   J: I think we do it like that ((toctoc)) (with a few) lines
   D: º(lines)º (.) how about that then that’s º(    )º but then
   R: so we cn s- we cn almost like start like a (fence) in a wall fr the last (three) (.) and as we drop down
   D: I’m just thinking how (you know) the people are kinda screwed ( ) when they get onto ( ) 
   R: [it kinda]
   D: [coming] up there
   R: it kinda isolates this doesn’t it?
   J: ye but maybe that treeline doesn’t stop there maybe that one continues all the way
   D: [YEAH WE WANT the trees]
   R: [( )]
   D: go down in there don’t we?
   R: s- t- to there. sortof like that. (.) in release o that. so about
   D: take it to this point here
   R: yeah that would be ( ) change ( )
   D: so it kinda goes like this (0.7) so this is all flat an then you start going up there? Is that what you mean? (.) o:::r? (.)
   R: hh. it’s ºnot gonna ( ) does it?º
   D: no cs we wanted to do it quite (.) graduated ( )
   R: wll we cd always do it quite sharply we could do it as a one twelve get rid of it as quickly as possible
   D: mhm
   J: no
   R: so you cd have like a ramp and stairs, you could have nice stairs
   D: mh
   J: I think it’d be nicer if it ws like 
   	[ ( )]
   D: [( )] gentle plain (.)
   J: w- mr- Tate Modern kind of thing except more gentle (.) (than that)
   D: oh yeah ºyeahº
   J: they’ve got a big entrance ramp
   D: yeah it is good
   R: a right outside yeah (0.5)
   D: emm
   J: (how about) that’s the ramp bit (.)
   D: don’t think it’s long enough that’s the
   	[only thing]
   R: [º(it ds I- )º] (what I wanna do is this up)
   D: yeah
   	[you want]
   R: [( )] you know it’s got to be big enough to function as 
   	[a place]
   D: [mhm]
   R: doesn’t it?
   D: like it could almost it’s like that is the you know it’s ramping right the whole way down from there
   	[( )]
   J: [couldn’t we] ramp down there (even?) just ramp that bit? (.)
   R: err
   J: across the front of the space of the building? an then by this stage we’re down into the basement bit? (.)
   R: hhmhhm
066 Audio tape counter
J: ( ) how many meters ( these?)
   D: .hh how many meters (what)?
   J: ( )
   D: errm four (.) oh no
   R: oh no because that 
   	[( )]
   D: [( it’s LESS it ws one point eight)]
   R: it’s one point eight we’ve gotta kill off
   D: yeah
   R: but that also means that this is: flat. which means th- it would be:: the wall here is the end up the best part of four meters high
   D: yeah
   R: [so]
   J: [that’s] allright
   D: yeah it’s not bad ( ) errm (.) my only worry is that if people coming into this space through here they have to walk J::ll the way along here before they cn kind get onto the ( ) I think I wonder whether we this line actually comes in something like that?
   R: ( )
   J: that’d be nicer because we wouldn’t have that pinch point there
   R: ( )
   D: an then your trees kinda
   R: ( )
   D: (what around that egde?)
   R: like Canal Street Manchester where they got that suspension bridge running over the docks
   J: but it’s kind of unnecessary (isn’t it)? why don’t we just do that? 
   R: yeah but it’s the entrance
   D: (but you’ve still got)
   R: that could be the entrance statement (part) of site I suppose
   D: but you’ve still got the problems though ( ) along here to get on the kinda I don’t know whether that’s a big? Is it a problem? I mean this could be quite nice this could be
   R: ( )
   D: a wall with seats ( )
   J: maybe we take this and then we (take that) up there as well so we we’re (.)
   R: then?
   D: you want to keep that width you’ll always wanna keep this the same width don’t we?
   J: yeah but
   R: [how about]
   J: [( )]
   R: step it out? ( )
   J: you know what I mean? (.) and find somewhere sensible to stop it? maybe just there? 
   D: I’m just wondering whether (.) or there might be a health and safety thing but if like the natural wall could stop down here an this is kindof errm this part of the ramp is quite so gentle that it’s just a step down sortof thing?
   J: mhm (.) that would be nice ( )
   D: so you kindof have a line 
   J: so you have 
   	[big big steps]
   D: [an your wall] 
   J: yeah
   D: an then this ramp is actually goin like that (.) sort of thing?
   R: s- ( ) junction where the level change that’s js always gonna be awkward whatever we do
   D: yeah
   R: s-
   D: ( )
   R: go for a pee hh.
   J: hh. the big one around ( ) we hJ::d like (.) that’s that (.) we had that coming out (four) steps (.) ( ) ((yawns))
   R: I don’t (say a word)
   J: ((yawns))
   D: .hhee .hhee
   J: yeah so if you did ( ) (at the cornerhhehehhhe)
   R: mchrrr mchrrrm 
   D: ah yes
   J: ( )
   R: mhh.heheh
   D: yeah so how would that work? but th (without the ) wouldn’t it?
   R: I think that would 
   D: it would have to go like that wouldn’t it?
   J: ( )
   R: (u turn) look like kinks
   J: aright 
   	[( )]
   R: I just think big white steps in terms of the (space) does look a bit- it does look sortof ( )
   D: wll you know if that’s not anymore than two hundred (toctoctoc) (.) (toctoctcotcotoc)
   R: be nice to have like one element at the start ( ) 
   J: mh?
   R: rather than have like thousands and thousands of steps (0.) almost thinking (if you did) all the seating raised on a plinth and the plinth acted as a step you see the plinth was the wall (errm) º( ) one ideaº
   J: what like this ws like a big wedge ( ) something along here?
   R: all seatn is raised sort of like a two or three hundred
   J: that might be quite nice
   R: ( )
   J: this an then you got this
   D: mhm
   R: it might work. (.) then you’d have
   D: then you’d have to have steps on the other side
   	[(kinda thing)]
   R: [the plinth] and the wall right? with your seatn on it? 
   D: mhm mhm
   R: and when the wall stops you’ll still got the plinth
   D: mhm
   R: an kids could run on to this s- if you needed to step down (.) at any point it gives you a language to (sortof ) use (toctoctoctoc)
   D: mhm
   R: that’d be a rather ( ) that’d be ( )
   D: ( )s- that could be quite nice actually cause you can have like the: errm this is the plinth y- your step down could actually cut into it ( )
   R: ( )
   D: an your wall’s kinda (.) ºan seatin this sideº ( ) maybe that ( ) an then that js (.) these are the steps coming down onto the ramp ( ) and the plinth continues ( )
   R: right ( ) it wouldn’t be a barrier to pedestrians
   D: yeah
   R: they could up and over it if they wanted
   D: ( ) I quite like the idea of (havin somethin) sitting on this kinda boy (.)
   R: which ( ) stop the wall quite short cause
   D: yeah
   R: it means ( ) be away from 
   D: yeah
   R: the level drop
   D: yeah
   R: ( ) 
   D: mhm (.) maybe we’ll draw that then
   R: ( )
   D: ((makes sqeaky noise))
   J: are we on to the hedge now?
   D: no (no) w- want to draw this boy
   J: alright
   D: errm I think you should draw it Ross cause you ( )
   R: ( ) draw
   D: so where would this boy start?
   R: well basically
   D: is it gonna start at the end of this wall? No cause there’s some (too pinchy)
   R: might be a bit blocky I mean I donnow I mean I haven’t worked it all through cause it’s gonna
   D: no way!
   R: I haven’t you know I made that one up
   D: shockin
   R: err that’d have to come forward wouldn’t it
   D: mhm
   R: so it would be somethin like that ((toc)) (three meters isn’t it?) (0.) that- is that the space that’s gonna come off that line wasn’t it?
   D: yeah mhm
   R: from about there?
   D: errrm:: we had it come right up to the ( ) of the building
   R: the ramp was doing
   D: startin from the building an goin down
   R: there
   J: you didn’t ( )
   R: uh I really regret ( )
   J: hh.hh.hehehe
   R: heheheh
   R: and stops at that return there?
   D: n-no we had it shorter than that I think
   J: mhh.mhh.heheh
   R: see there
   J: it’s gonna live with you forever now ( )
   D: n::: (I don’t know whether we should) stop at that point (.) might be more interstn I DON’t think we should show a stop. (.) D’you not reckon by the time it gets down here it’s gonna be quite far anyway?
   R: I mean ( )
   D: mhm I’d prefer it not to show ( )
   R: we’d have ( ) a wall yeah?
   D: mhm
   R: start there an the plinth (would kinda) (0.) stop there?
   D: maybe the plinth can start at that point? an then ( ) it’s gonna have to start
   R: wll that’s quite tight so
   D: mh
   R: (w-) it almost doesn’t matter cause the wall by that point 
   D: yeah
   R: is functional as a wall so
   D: yeah
   J: why don’t you stop it
   R: there? or?
   J: or over there where the ramp is? with the base? (.) or draw the end of the ramp in there cs that ( )
   D: mh
   R: we said
   D: goin ( )
   R: wll js a bit ( ) to say that at the moment ( )?
   D: mhm
   R: so we’d have that (0.)
   D: º( )º
   R: that would be like that (0.)
   D: our trees are what would go down (into it) though aren’t they?
   J: mhm
   D: ( ) trees are gonna take into it
   J: double row
   D: single and double
   R: I’d do it single one cause ( ) from there ( ) double row in 
   J: we can still do that ( )
   R: we cd put them all in but I think th- you know the rest of ( )
   D: no you don’t wanna 
   R: you know
   D: take all of them in an see ( )
   R: I would have the single line against th- that wall an then cause you ( ) expanse ( ) big open area (.)º( )º
   J: but ( ) keep that the single row ( ) goin in a double row down here?
   R: yeah that cn be a double row I mean that- we cd jus stop that there or back up there
   D: yeah (0.) so we have w- this- (.) this boy- where d’you wanna stop’em?
   R: I would actually stopm quite far back
   D: yeah ( ) back there or smthn
   R: yeah ( ) open a bit (.)
   D: an then
   R: y cd have this as a (coordinate) grid the trees and the ( )
   D: so this here is gonna be the double row (0.)
   J: an then the cycleway in up this side?
   D: err m- ( ) basically ( )
   R: I wd I would up ( )
   D: s- the cycle ( )
   J: be nice
   D: yeah (0.) so wh-what d’you mean by ( )
   R: I ws js thinking if you had a double row comin in there (.) ( ) five meter grid is ( ) there an you walk through
   D: (mhm)
   R: which then fires two lines off
   D: mhm
   R: just as an entrance visual block
   D: mhm
   R: entrance I mean s- you don’t have that (.) ( ) avenue
   D: mhm
   R: but (.) (you) could argue that that’s quite insecure in itself
   D: mhm
   R: an that then serves its function of ( ) you havin to look out
   D: onto the ( )
   R: (y’know down to the) roads
   J: yeh
   R: I mean cause I mea the housin here’s:: alright but it’s it’s
   D: mhm
   R: it’s nothin special you know
   D: ( )
   R: I mean it’d be five meters as you enter so it’d be nice an open walk through
   D: mh
   R: you know kinda like that with ( ) bound gravel
   D: mhm
   R: sandstone
   J: ( )
   D: yeah
   J: seein as we didn’t get the ( ) mhh. mhh.
   R: ( ) mental screws ( ) how cute he is
   J: no ( ) five grand each
   D: [(an the-)]
   R: [( )] sixty-five year old so
   J: probably be on twnty grand
   R: hh. hh.
   D: so Andy ws saying in this one that we should do different option for the emm trees like make them come right down here
   J: have I? ( )
   R: º( )º
   D: maybe no it gets a bit tight down there
   J: stoppem like that
   R: yeah have a double line ( )
   D: an then a single line on this side?
   J: mhm (0.)
   D: d’you think that’s all that needs? ( )
   J: ((drumming his fingers))
   D: ( ) here?
   R: the cycles (comin off) at an angle again? or 
   D: yeah
   R: or come ( )
   D: i:: no I think ( ) we don’t need to show it because it’s a freeform space isn’t it? it’s kinda like (.) cycles cycles are goin in here basically (.) I don’t think we need to show a line cause the whole point of it is it’s an open door space
   R: ºrightº (.) okay? an what are we doing with this bit? it’s the same stairs comin down?
   J: nice to have some ( ) wouldn’t it? and your plinth
   D: ( )
   J: just so you got somethin behind you y’know if you’re sittin an looking into that (bit) down here ( ) would be nice 
   	[rather than]
   D: [you’re LOOKING] that way aren’t you
   R: you’re ( ) steppin up the plantin onto the wall an ( ) seat be part of the wall
   D: yeah so
   J: so your trees would behind the plinth?
   D: so the plinth kinda
   R: you mean in the pit again?
   J: no on this side ºthat’s not in the pitº
   R: but you’d be looking at that with the walls there
   D: you’re looking out this way aren’t you?
   R: yr seatn s gonna be like that yr (gonna be) step up that way your back’s gonna be to that wall.
   D: yeah
   J: (d’you reckon)?
   D: [( )]
   R: [that’s I mean] ( ) the wall
   D: mh (.) ( ) sayin have another (.) two there?
   J: I thought you guys were ( ) the other way round (.) these (.) (lookin) this way? So you’d have the trees behind ye
   R: ( ) ( ) ( ) wall 
   J: [( )]
   R: [length] you’d need a rail or somethin 
   D: mhm
   R: on the drop wouldn’t you?
   J: mhm
   R: I js I think that º(gets a bit much)º (.)
   D: doesn’t really mean the wall has a function does it?
   R: yeah I mean ths- s- s-
   D: unless you don’t have wall
   R: ( puncture) to let people in
   J: but you can have the trees back here
   R: yeah (0.)
   J: ( )
   R: ( ) (that) drops them in at random (.) s- not havn- you have a lot of stuff (in the grid) ( )
   D: why don’t we just have 
   R: or somethn you know
   D: in that kind of general area?
   R: yeah a (great) squiggle or somethn you know
   D: mh? (0.)
   J: (is that) random?
   D: (do em in a round) squiggle?
   R: º( )º
   D: º( )º
   R: ( ) (without being too forced about it) ( )
   J: mhh.mhh.mhh.
   D: mhh.mhh.
   R: .hh
   J: maybe just have them completely random? 
   	[not even]
   D: [yeah] just like ((toctoctoc))
   J: groups of whatever? (.) yeah (.) an they are they are separate from the structured plantn
   D: mhm (.) ((toctoctoctoc)) they’re like smaller boys
   J: andeh
   D: that would stop ( ) (0.)
   J: ( ) maybe put a few down there jst to give (them that) connection
   R: ehyeah but (the ) give us a squiggle ( ) (0.)
   D: yeiih! totally ( ) out of scale but
   R: [( )]
   D: [( )]
   J: I quite like that idea
   D: [yeah]
   R: [ALTHOUGH I TH]ink you know
   R: [( )]
   D: quite small scale boys considern like maybe somethn really beautiful whereas these are like the big ( ) the big kinda 
   	[‘avenue trees’]
   R: [I ( )] that’s funny cause I would I would (sider) the avenue ones ( ) 
   D: yeah
   R: and the ones that are individual should go in (.) big
   D: mhm
   J: that’d be (good)
   R: y’know what I mean
   D: [yeah]
   J: [I maybe they shouldn’t cause they are so]
   R: [( )] thirty thirty-five to fourties
   D: yeah
   J: wll what kind of tree were (you )
   R: phhuhh. Scots Pine? ( ) Scots Pine formal ( ) somethn like that?
   D: for the avenue? 
   	[for the avenue?]
   R: [no] it’s gonna be 
   	[( )]
   J: [(they’d grow quite big)] ( )
   R: w- n- ( ) species bu- (.) it could be anythin it’s jus different from the usual cause the avenue trees are gonna end up being
   J: Socts Pine 
   	[( )]
   R: Hornbeam or somethn 
   D: mhm
   R: you know (your) standard avenue trees
   D: yeah
   R: something that’s strong(ly different) that is unusual
   J: somethn that looks nice ( )
   R: I’m sick of- I mean anythin
   D: mhm
   R: I mean 
   J: (Sicamore) (0.) hh. only joking mhh.mhh.mhh.
   R: monkeypuzzles 
   J: .mhh.mhh.
   R: at random 
   D: ( )
   R: floatin about
   D: that’s ( ) really scary that is .hheeee
   J: my god
   R: [( )]
   D: [‘scary space’)] (.) looks like a ( )
   R: (it’s like )
   J: what about ( ) 
   D: [( )]
   J: ( them ) ones? emmmnmwmwmwm
   D: poplar?
   J: no the other one
   R: ( )cense ( )
   J: no the one that goes (.) it’s somthn ( ) ( )
   D: mhm yeah I know (what it is) ( )
   J: it’d quite nice ( random ) a couple close an then
   D: mhm
   J: cause you can get them really big
   D: yeah
   R: but they’d be would they fill up what is at the moment quite a big empty space? yeah
   D: yeah they get pretty bushy 
   R: ºyeah?º
   D: don’t they?
   J: I think the only problem with those boys is th- sometimes they just kind of 
   R: (burst)
   J: sidle up ( ) 
   R: yeah
   J: and go hhoeu.
   D: yeahh.hh. spread out (.)
   J: mh ((toctoctoc)) tryin to do the normal one
   R: arwll I don’t think it matters at the moment 
   	[( )]
   D: [yeah]
   R: the important thing at the moment is that 
   D: yeah
   R: that the 
   	[( )]
   D: [SURROUNDem] different
   R: from
   J: mhm
   R: I think we should probably (quite untidy looking) cs you got (cloner)
   D: mhm
   R: Cloner Avenue
   J: mhm that’d be nice if there was a real pleach like a pleached square
   D: mhm 
   J: wouldn’t it
   D: ºmhmº
   R: like a ( )
   J: cause that’s different than this stuff there
   D: mind you you don’t want too many different things you don’t want a
   	[beech square]
   J: [yeah]
   D: something and 
   [( )]
   J: [maybe a bit] 
   	[maybe ( the whole point of that then)]
   R: [wll I THINK the whole point of these two]
   D: [that has to be the same]
   R: [is what] that this runs outa that 
   D: yeah
   R: they’re all you’re in this 
   D: yeah
   R: grid woodland path
   D: mhm
   R: ( )
   J: right so 
   	[(they’re the same as ( )]
   R: [( )]
   J: (European)
   R: that’d be the same as this is
   D: you can get them pleached can’t you?
   J: mhm
   R: br I mean the change of the road there I mean that could be the beginning of that part of the avenue and this could be 
   	[( )]
   D: [MIND you] it’d be quite nice if this ws like this kinda this pear was like a really nice really strong ( ) colour or something I know ( ) very different from kinda what’s happenin so you cn get this burst of colour all year goin down into the darkness
   ?: ºyeahº
   D: kinda thing
   R: ( ) somethin yeah
   J: [( )]
   R: [( )]
   D: mh?
   R: err
   J: then it is getting completely separate though isn’t it?
   R: it is separate I mean
   D: but would they
   R: ( )
   D: I was gonna say would they be- would these boys be the same as these boys?
   R: ( ) end up 
   D: rhmhm
   R: ( ) these either the same as all this or ( ) I would have that stop same as the the avenue
   D: mhm
   R: different again
   D: I really like the idea that say this was like you know really greeny bright green and the avenue was all bright green foliage and then you got this kinda red or somethin js cuttin through it
   R: I mean as long as they’re all on the same grid
   D: yeah
   J: mhm
   D: ( )
   R: and that gives you a nice sightline cause you got a tramline 
   D: mhm
   R: and a stop
   D: mhm
   J: ( ) and can you see beyond it?
   D: mhm
   J: underneath
   R: yeah
   J: and then these boys up through either space cause this looks dodgy so we need to do somthn about that so just take them through there again
   R: ( )
   D: ( )
   J: ‘Richard’s Orchard’
   R: mchrrhhh. mchrrr.
   D: hehehe