SNA - System of National Accounts, Eurostat, 1993

The Foreword states: The revised System of National Accounts (SNA) .. has been undertaken under the joint responsibility of our five organizations. . The System is a comprehensive, consistent and flexible set of macroeconomic accounts intended to meet the needs of government and private sector analysts, policy makers and decision takers. It is designed for use in countries with market economies, whatever their stage of development, and also countries in transition to market economies. . . The revision has been a major exercise in cooperation conducted at a world level between national and international statistical agencies. It serves as a model for future collaborative work on the development of improved statistical systems and standards . .

(Signed) Boutros Ghali (UN), Michel Camdessus (IMF), Jacques Delors (CEC), Jean-Claude Paye (OECD), Lewis T Preston (World Bank).