Geoff Payne; Judy Payne; Mark Hyde: University of Plymouth

Geoff Payne is Professor of Social Research and Dean of Faculty; his publications on class, employment and social mobility include Employment and Opportunity, 1987, Work and the Enterprise Culture, 1992 (with Cross, eds.) and the Social Mobility of Women, 1991 (with Abbott, eds.).

Judy Payne is a Research Fellow working on health and deprivation. She was formerly employed in the MRC Medical Sociology Unit at Aberdeen University, and has previously published on housing, health and work. She is author of A Regional Profile of the South West (for the National Lottery Charities Board, 1995) and Interpreting the Index of Local Conditions, 1995.

Mark Hyde is a Lecturer in Social Policy. His work on poverty, disability and welfare policy has resulted in several publications in Critical Social Policy and Public Policy Review. He is currently using census data to research changes in local labour markets and social disadvantage.

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